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###(((LIFE/BEAUTIFUL)))### Word game “Life/Beautiful “ NATIONAL MAKING LIFE BEAUTIFUL DAY National Making Life Beautiful Day is observed annually on June 11. It is a day dedicated to encouraging and celebrating men and women who are making life beautiful. Whether you’re creating beauty through building relationships or helping others achieve personal success, one small action can […]

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###(((D-DAY)))### Word game “D-Day” D-Day June 6, 1944, is known most commonly by the term D-Day. It refers to the landing of Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy, France staging one of the pivotal attacks against Germany during World War II.

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###(((RUN)))### Word game “Run” NATIONAL RUNNING DAY Each year on the first Wednesday in June, people across the United States participate in National Running Day. This day was designated as a day for runners to reaffirm their passion for running. It is also a good day for beginners to begin a life-changing commitment to running.

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###(((OLD)))### Word game “OLD” NATIONAL OLD MAID’S DAY Every year on June 4, it is National Old Maid’s Day. Old Maid refers to an older, childless woman who has never been married. Another term frequently used is the word spinster.

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###(((OFFICE)))### NATIONAL LEAVE THE OFFICE EARLY DAY Everyone is sure to enjoy marking National Leave the Office Early Day on their calendar. Observed each year on June 2nd (unless June 2nd falls on a weekend, at which time it would be acknowledged on the closest working day) National Leave the Office Early Day is an […]