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Broadcasting from the Centre of the UK in the Midlands

Just a quick overview of how this station came to be, A  while ago a station that we loved was taken off DAB one friday night with no warning and changed to a different station which had a different genre to what we enjoyed and loved. We formed a group on face-book to try to get the station back on DAB, After contacting the companies responsible for the change both companies appeared to us to be holding the other one responsible for the changes, We asked for a public statement but did not receive it so felt we needed to do something to make a difference to the Midlands, who we felt had been short changed over this.To cut a long story short thats where the station has evolved from, and now here we are launching our own internet radio station based from the Midlands. we are not competing against the big boys in the radio business, all we are doing is showing how things could be done differently.

The Station started broadcasting on November 1st 2012 under the name of ‘Greatest Hits Radio’. At a later date In the early part of 2013 we added in the Midlands into the name making it ‘Greatest hits Radio Midlands UK’, As that was a bit or a mouthful we then created a new website called ‘GHRMIDLANDS.UK’ and since then we have gone from strength to strength making us one of the most successful internet stations in the UK.

Moving on to 2018 we decided to drop the Greatest Hits from our station name as we were noticing other stations started to go under the same name as us and were confusing the listener plus most listeners of our station called us GHR MIDLANDS anyway.

We also made a decision that GHR could stand for whatever we wanted it to, so used the GHR to stand for Good Happy Radio Midlands UK, amongst other names, the listener decided it could stand for this one as it seemed the most popular,so we decided to go with that name up to now.

Thanks to all the listeners for making us what we are today, We are not sure of what the future of the station will be from the end of 2019 but as soon as we have more information on this we will update our about us page.

January 1st 2020 the station has been taken over by new owners but our existing presenters have stayed on under the condition they contribute to the station and keep it in a very similar format, The G.H.R. now stands for “Groovy Happy Radio” Midlands UK.

The stations website can be found from any of the following links

Groovy Happy Radio Midlands UK

GHR Midlands UK

GHR Midlands com

GHR Midlands co uk

The new owners have asked to stay anonymous as they were determined the station should not lose the identity it has built since the station began back in 2012.

Thanks Again for all your support from Vonny, Uncle Dave and all the team that make GHR MIDLANDS UK the Unique Radio Station it is today.




GHR MIDLANDS UK Radio From The Midlands In The UK

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